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Pay As You Go payment isn’t a shortcut for clients

The Challenge

Moving with the times seemed complicated for Rachel Thorpe, a mobile hairdresser of more than three decades.

Her loyal customers were used to and very happy to pay by cash, it was what they have always done, but changes in society seeing less and less of us carrying cash, Rachel was getting asked more and more if they could pay for their hair by card.

This was happening when clients would just forget to bring cash with them as they had gotten into the new habit of just tapping their debit/ credit card when paying for goods and services, since the rise in the contactless payment limit to £100.

It also would happen if a client had decided to have extra treatments or products and would ask if they could pay the additional by card.

Rachel a self-confessed technophobe wanted to change with the times but with so many options it was confusing and a little bit scary for her, but in overcoming her fear she knew it would help her stay in control of payments and mean her clients would be happy paying the way they wanted to pay.

The Solution

Rachel’s husband Mick recommended acceptcards® as he knew from speaking with a friend they would do all the hard work so Rachel didn’t need to worry about all the options to choose from.

Weeks later Mick asked how things had gone with getting a card machine? Rachel reluctantly confessed she hadn’t been in touch, as she was too busy, he knew it was an excuse, so told her he would get in touch and ask them to contact her.

The very next day acceptcards® called Rachel explaining it was our job to put her mind at ease, and find the right solution for her needs, it’s what we do every day. We understood her nervousness, and just like Rachel when she has a nervous client, we took the time with her asking questions to get the best understanding of her business and what she wanted to achieve.

Armed with all this information we would then get to work to make that happen, be with her every step of the way, taking things at her speed so that when we had finished, she would feel great.

Making it Happen

From our conversations, we understood where Rachel’s hair­ dressing business is now and where it may head in the future, equipped with this information our recommendation was to get a simple Pay As You Go card reader.

Rachel was happy as she didn’t need to enter into a contract, there were no monthly equipment or PCI fees, a flat rate of 1.69% on all transactions with their money settling into her account a few days later kept everything straightforward to understand.

Rachel enjoyed the ease of setting up her account online and was taking card payments the very next day.

Let’s hear from Rachel

“I love it, so simple to use and so convenient for my clients who want to pay with their card, they love it too. It has given me peace of mind, knowing all payments are up to date, I don’t have to think about IOUs and my customers don’t need to worry about forgetting to bring cash with them when they get their hair done.

The people I spoke with at acceptcards® were brilliant, so professional they made me feel calm and have been there on the odd occasion I’ve had a silly question since.

I’m honestly kicking myself for not listening to my husband and making the call sooner, something Mick likes to remind me about regularly, I don’t think he’ll let me forget it.


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20 March, 2023

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