Taking Charity Event Cashless

Every year Congleton based Franklyn holds a gala fundraising dinner raising essential funds to help a variety of charities, they are rightly very proud of the huge amount of funds raised, and they wished to explore the advantages of taking their event cashless.

Being able to spend time with guests and moving away from taking cash would lead to less time following up on pledges post-event which can take more than 3 months to consolidate.

This part of the event management was time consuming and something that Events & Education Manager Chloe Tatton and Natalie Hall Accounts Manager were keen to mitigate, but with so many options what would be best for them?

The Solution

From Jason’s initial conversation with Chloe and Natalie he knew the answer was to implement an innovative and new solution in card acceptance provided by Sticky® and arranged a time to demonstrate this with CEO and Founder James Garner.

Sticky® is cloud based and solves problems in physical spaces with their payment technology. It’s great for fundraising as with a simple tap of your phone on a Sticky® you are transported into an interactive menu where you can pay for activities throughout the event by card including Apple and Google Pay digital wallets.

The Yorkshire based business are on a mission to make every physical­ digital interaction truly transactional, James says “the only limit to what his invention brings is your imagination.

Making it Happen

Moving away from physical cash and using traditional card machines the team at Franklyn could see how using the intelligent technology developed by Sticky® would elevate their event not only from a guest experience but from a back office management perspective the introduction of live Ml data access provided by the Sticky® platform means all fundraising activities would be well and truly fit for the 21st century.

Fundraising is Serious Business

Chloe head of Events and Education at Franklyn along with the board are delighted how the addition of Sticky® helped make their 2022 Winter Waltz their BIGGEST and BEST yet seeing them raise an incredible £175,000!

Teamwork and collaborative working are vital in the planning & execution of introducing a new way of operating, especially when returning guests know and love the event so much. Getting things wrong would have a negative impact not only on the funds raised but it would reflect on Franklyn themselves in a room full of their friends, clients and key stakeholders who they have close ties from long-term relationships as many have supported their community work since their first event in 2008.

Together we ensured everything was just right to make sure the experience for guests would be friendly, straightforward and simple. Chloe knew educating guests ahead of the event going cashless would be a key part to it’s success and did this by sharing video explaining everything so all knew what to expect.

The diligent planning ahead of time was key, the new way of taking donations was adopted as if it had always been part of the night and when guests had any questions Chloe and her colleagues were on hand to assist, ensuring everyone was looked after and happy.

Receiving comments about how great it was to just tap their phone on the Sticky® and they were straight into joining in with games and raffles along with being able to make payments after winning lots in the auction was confirmation taking the event cashless was the right thing for them.

Let’s hear from Chloe

“I wanted to say thank you on a personal level for the incredible support you have shown to us and the Winter Waltz over the last few months.

The event truly doesn’t work without the support we receive and to have the backing from a company like Accept Cards is just fantastic.

You made a real difference to the event, we really do appreciate all you have done for us I can’t praise you all enough. We all need Accept Cards in our lives”