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With high streets across the UK’ cities, towns and villages all but open with more and more sectors returning to serve us, be that retail, hospitality, beauty (hair salons/ barber shops) here at acceptcards® we’ve seen a rise in accidental damage to card payment terminals.

Lots of businesses are doing the right thing and cleaning terminals but because they aren’t doing it properly it’s leading to terminals malfunctioning or shutting down because the inbuilt security protocols are triggered if the device thinks it’s being tampered with.

Either of these two scenarios will leave a merchant without a facility for potentially days which could be a costly disaster for businesses as the public continue to use card over cash.

We understand we all have a duty to play in keeping customers and staff safe by maintaining clean working environments to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, that’s why acceptcards® have created this simple one page How to guidewith easy to follow tips which will help you avoid the unnecessary and expensive inconvenience of being without your card terminal.

We continue to see the unprecedented customer demands to avoid handling cash, keeping merchant services front and centre of the battle against containing this pandemic, this is our next step to educate and support our partners and customer to thrive as we all adapt to the new behaviours that are here to stay.

If you need any advice, please contact the team at acceptcards® who are on hand to help.