This year the office decided that instead of buying each other a gift as part of our annual “Secret Santa” we would use this money to support the good work of our local food bank.

Jason visited and met with Maria Neary at the Elland Food Bank based at the Southgate Methodist Church and learnt about some of the work they do.

The food bank was such a warm and welcoming place, a hive of vibrant energy with lots of people helping. While we visited a large delivery of fresh fruit and veg had just arrived that was getting portioned up and ready to be distributed.

Maria spoke about the ways to help support their hard work, she said you can donate money as we have or if you prefer you can donate staple items they regularly need.

To find out these items please head to their Facebook page where there is a list. Donation drop-off points are located in the Elland’s Morrisons Supermarket or at the Southgate Methodist Church.

Maria says if you know of people and families in Elland who are in need, then please encourage them to come and see us on a Saturday morning.