The team were reflecting on last week’s 2-day Charity Retail Association Conference at the Harrogate Convention Centre, hard to believe it’s been a week, time has flown by so quickly.
🙌 Hats off to Anna Pashley & the CRA team for looking after us.
☎ Lots of positive activity with follow-up calls & emails done, with meetings in the diary, both the physical and online worlds.
🗣 So many amazing collaborations will have begun with a “Hi how are you?” or a “So what is that you do?” or my favourite “You can’t steal my Haribo’s without talking with me” 😂
📸 As first-time exhibitors, we really enjoyed the 2 days as we hope you can see from this image captured when Jason Costello felt someone watching, it turned out that it was the photographer 10ft away (3m for a younger demographic).
Jason and Richard Bradley were having a great conversation with Shelter UK‘s Jemma Laing and Frankie Boorman, it’s when we share stories and ideas great things can happen!
We’ll put this out there for you to consider, especially if you’ve ever walked past a stand at a conference, a little uncomfortable thinking don’t give eye contact because you thought you won’t have anything income, why not stop, pause, smile and say hello, you may be surprised where that conversation leads you.
📸 Credit – Simon Meyer SiraStudio Harrogate