🦁⚽ The success of England’s Lionesses making it to the World Cup final, this Sunday (11am KO) isn’t just a fantastic footballing spectacle, it’s also giving a tremendous boost to our local economy!

💳🙌 Retailers Rejoice:

As Sarina Wiegman’s lionesses celebrate history, with stars like Bronze, Daly, Earps, Hemp, Russo and Toone now preparing to take on Spain to see who lifts the Women’s World Cup, retailers across the nation are rejoicing too as they witness a surge in spending.

The spurge-surge isn’t just benefiting the fans, it’s creating a positive ripple effect on the country’s economy. With every shirt sold, every flag waved, and every celebration planned, our communities are buzzing and reaping the rewards of the Lionesses making their second major final.

Let’s all celebrate, not only for their outstanding performance on the pitch but also for the impact they’re making in the shops, pubs, clubs and parks across our communities! 🦁⚽

One last game – Footballing immortality awaits – COME ON ENGLAND!!!

📸 BBC Sports (Online)