With the recent news released by the Office of National Statistics that the number of pubs has increased for the first time this decade. We thought it would be great to speak with the owner of one of these very pubs that has opened helping turn the tide.

In this blog we see Jason Costello, Head of Marketing and Communications at Acceptcards talk with Clement Ogbonnaya, Founder of the Iconic Prince of Peckham about his desire to open his pub in his community.

JC – As a kid I used to watch Desmond’s on Channel 4 is it true that this is where the name of your pub came from?

CO – That’s exactly where it came from, Desmond’s Barbershop was a great place. It was place where anyone could rock up to chill, talk and laugh, a “Home from Home”. Lee “The Prince of Peckham” Stanley was my favourite character hence the signage on my pub.

JC – As we enter a new decade there will be people thinking to the future, they’ll be talking with friends and loved ones over a drink about their plans to start out and set up their own business, as someone who has done this recently what advice would you give?

CO – NO FEAR. Trust yourself and your dream! Make sure you know your market and make sure you have a plan (which will change). I would also say don’t shy away from taking advice from people who can challenge your ideas and vision as this will help you understand what it is you want even more. Once you have this then get to work making it happen, it will be hard and test you in ways you didn’t know but get going and don’t be afraid.

JC – Great words, and philosophy to take but that makes me think a bit more as you enter your 3rd year in the heart of your community would you have any other insights that you’d like to share?

CO – Make sure you have the time to reflect and review, both on yourself and your business. What I mean is what was right for you on day one isn’t always what’s best for your business down the line. Giving yourself this space can help you shape your future plans.

JC – Is this how we came to work with each other?

CO – Yeah absolutely! I’d been banking with Barclays since we’d opened the doors and they had been good for me and the Prince of Peckham. But when I started to review certain aspects of my business, I started talking with Gary Williams at Metro Bank I could see that they had services that were a good fit for me and my bottom-line. It was during this time Gary suggested a review of our card payment services with yourself. The analysis and recommended card payment solutions showed me that I could reduce my costs by around £4500 per year without impacting on the service I provide to my customers. I’d have to sell lots of Espresso Martini’s to make that kind of net profit.

JC – Sounds like one of your easier business decisions?

CO – It was, and one I’m happy with, on your recommendation we changed our supplier and in turn got better terms, I now receive funds next day as appose to waiting a few days for our transactions to land in our account with your help you have really made a positive impact to our cash flow.

JC – You’ve just had your fabulously successful New Year Eve Masquerade Themed Party, which looked amazing by the way, a spectacular way to end the year but knowing how driven you are what are you planning for the rest of 2020 and beyond?

CO – It goes without saying we’ve got all the usual favourites our customers love, Sunday Lunch, Hot Mess Mondays, Culture, Mates and Dates, Pub Quiz, Bottomless Brunch, Beat the Bartender, and of course live sport and music. January has seen us kicking off 2020 with a month-long residency from Girls Can’t DJ legend, DJ Jordss. She’s on decks every Friday through January with a special guest alongside her every week. But that’s as far as I’m going to go for now as our new plans are Top Secret, but what I can say we are planning our BIGGEST and BEST year to date. I’m working with the team, so we stay on top of our game making sure we continue to be the place to be and the pub be seen in for South London.

JC – Wow sounds AMAZING!!!  You’re a hive of fun and frolics and I can’t wait to see your confidential plans come to life; I wish you were my local. If people want to check you out and get involved are, they best to go to your website or call in to the Prince of Peckham?

CO – That is exactly what they need to do or they can find us on Instagram (*Website details below)

JC – I love talking with people who are passionate about what they do, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me, I really appreciate understanding how our partnership has added real value to your business and more importantly I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and your business in a little more detail.

For more information on Prince of Peckham, head HERE or call in for a chat over a something to eat and drink – 1 Clayton Road, London SE15 5JA