This is the result of SCA which is the new requirement of the second Payment Services Directive which requires banks to perform additional checks when consumers make payments electronically, to confirm their identity. To do this, banks may ask for a combination of two forms of identification at checkout, from something they know (pin, password), something they have (phone, card reader) or something they are (finger print).

The deadline for implementation has been moved several times over the last couple of years resulting in a new phased in approach, which is now underway, with 14th March being the final date whereby any non-compliant transactions will be rejected. (See table below)

DateDec 202118 Jan ’221 Feb ’2215 Feb ’221 Mar ’2214 Mar ’22
Soft decline volume3%10%30%50%75%100%

We are currently in the 10% soft decline stage for businesses who haven’t switched the submission of their transactions through 3D Secure Version 1 (3DS1). For a website sales business this could have a serious impact on your customers experience, leading to abandoned baskets and then looking to purchase goods or services from another website where the card payment check out is easier.

If you take payments on a website we recommend talking to the gateway provider you are using as soon as possible to check they have the updated processes in place, if this hasn’t been confirmed already.

We also have access to experts who can help you navigate through this very important change should you require any advice.

Please call 01422 372 818 or complete our contact form and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you may have.