Accepting Card transactions and taking Cash payments? We now help you with both ways of accepting payments. With all the possible ways of getting paid for your products and services covered you can watch your profit grow.

At Acceptcards we talk to 100’s of businesses every month about card payments solutions. We are always looking for ways to add value to the businesses and partners we support.

We realised that for many businesses handling cash is still a vital part of accepting payments and there are significant costs both in terms of the charges taken for banking the cash and also the management time involved.  We looked for a solution to this problem and searched for a partner with the same values as Acceptcards, one we knew that would understand our customers’ needs and work in their best interests. These are the values we think makes Acceptcards special.

Therefore, we are proud to announce our strategic partnership with the leading independent cash handling organisation RMS Group Services. This partnership will bring huge benefits to our customers.

Martin Smith Head of Commercial Strategy at RMS Group highlights some of the positives for our customers, “The benefit this partnership brings to businesses is simple,  we are working in collaboration to support more efficient & cost effective cash & card transaction management which is vital given the challenges and rising costs facing businesses today.  I’m genuinely excited about working with Acceptcards, a business that shares the same passion for helping businesses succeed by providing transactional efficiencies and savings.”

Richard Bradley CEO Acceptcards spoke on some of the synergies working together will bring, “Most people would see a card and cash company as being in competition with each other. We however like to look at things differently which is the main benefit of being independent and having ability to think outside the box. It’s all about putting the customer at the centre of everything and we know that cashflow efficiencies are king. That’s why, like Martin, I’m excited to be able to talk about our link up.”

Richard went on to add “RMS Group have a similar ethos to Acceptcards, as they offer a no obligation review of their cash handling processes so they can provide a tailored solution.”

Main highlights of the service include:

  • Reducing fees to bank cash with savings often in excess of 50%
  • Reduces the admin costs of managing cash with bespoke reporting tools
  • Self-service portal for ordering notes and coin
  • Tailored solutions with increased pavement limits (cash collection), reducing staff time
  • Account Manager support with one point of contact who understands your business
  • Fastrack the early investigation of any cash discrepancies
  • Supports many industries from retail, finance, corporate, bars/nightclubs and charity

For details please contact call us on 01422 372818 or email