Recently we’ve found with more and more businesses in the UK hospitality and retail sectors coming out of Lockdown only to find that their WiFi can’t handle the pressure on their broadband. Before the Lockdown this was a challenge but now we have seen demand go through the roof, not only for the usual day to day running of their business but with new additional services introduced using the broadband with customers using order/pay at table apps when they didn’t before, all this extra activity coupled with customer expectancy to access free Wi-Fi to entertain the kids or to make sure they are up to date with there social media feeds has seen that many businesses are experiencing terrible service of connectivity when it comes to their PDQ terminals accessing Wi-Fi to take card payments. It’s no surprise when you look at everything that is competing to use the bandwidth.

So if you have poor WiFi what can you do? The answer is it’s time to look at a standalone 3/4G network connection solution with roaming SIM. Speaking with Jason Douglas, MD of our Wi-Fi connectivity partner Chip and Pin Direct explains “The simple to install 3/4G networks are extremely reliable, they roam on the big mobile phone networks of 02, Three, Vodafone & EE and because they’re dedicated to your card processing equipment it means your business needs aren’t competing with your customer requirements.” Jason went on to say “The technology means there’s no need to switch your existing card payments set up, but as part of our service we will always conduct a free review to make sure you are on the best rates for taking card payments. More good for business owners this solution removes the need and expense of a telephone line, finally and probably more importantly for peace of mind the 3/4G network gives you a secure way of taking card payments that are PCI compliant.”

Joanne Meade – New Sundial -South Shields

Owner Joanne Meade of the New Sundial in South Shields was suffering difficulties with not only slow service with their card machines, but unreliable internet which was causing embarrassment and frustrations. said “Not only have they sorted out a very annoying card machine problem, but they also managed to fix the ongoing internet problem we’d had for 18months within a couple of hours” Joanne continued “Their customer service is second to none! They’ve saved my business, time, effort and money, they’ve made all this much easier and much less stressful, something I’ll be eternally grateful, I also know they are only a phone call away if I need help with anything.”

If while reading this you say to yourself that’s happening to me or you’ve noticed a delay when you’ve been out supporting your local pub, restaurant, café or bar then get in touch so we can help deliver the 5-star service we all deserve.