PSR new era in payments comes into force in July 2023

Now is the perfect time to ensure you are prepared ahead of time

Here at acceptcards®, we offer access to the whole UK payments market for our partners and customers, ensuring they get the best advice and merchant services solutions that match their requirements. The new regulations are an attempt by PSR to bring customer choice to the payments sector, something we have championed forever.

Richard Bradley, CEO of acceptcards® has been calling for changes the sector, he said “I welcome the PSR’s new regulations and as the UK’s largest independent broker we understand the importance of flexibility and choice the payments sector to serve businesses better”

He continued “There is more work for the PSR to do in making the merchant services sector more transparent and easier for businesses to navigate, and whilst this takes time to come into force, we will continue to lead the way in our open approach for all merchants to have access the whole payments market to switch and save and be in control of their payment facilities.”

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