A flexible, speedy business advance connected to your card payment solution.

Accept Cards partner with a wide range of business solution providers, but only where there is a connection to merchant card services and the benefits add real value in supporting UK SME businesses.

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with 365 Business Finance where you can raise between £5,000 and £200,000 in unsecured business finance with a merchant cash advance. card sales of more than £5,000 and have been trading for more than 6 months.

Expansion and growth are essential factors in guaranteeing the continued success for UK businesses, and 365 Business Finance provide a solution for alternative funding that enables SME business owners to build on existing success and increase profitability.

A cash advance is an ideal alternative to a bank loan where funds are required quickly and/or the business will benefit from having no fixed monthly payments, as repayments are based on a percentage of the businesses card sales. The cash advance puts far less pressure on cash flow and mirrors the businesses sales performance.

The application process is simple and takes very little time to complete, as no security or a business plan is needed to approve the advance. 365 Business Finance have a 90% approval rate with a decision in under 24 hours, and have successfully helped many small businesses deal with unplanned expenses such as an unexpected tax bill, refurbishments or equipment purchase.

If your business is growing and you are looking for an alternative funding solution, a merchant cash advance from 365 Business Finance may be the ideal finance solution.

Summary of the solution with 365 Business Finance:

  • 90% approval rate
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • No APRs or other charges

The application criteria is straightforward, just like the solution itself, as all you need is monthly credit/debit

  • A single fee that never changes
  • No security or business plan required
  • Flexible repayments based on your card sales
  • Application completed in minutes

To find out more about how this service can benefit you, contact the acceptcards team on 01422 372 818 or visit the 365 Business Finance website here.