With the Prime Minister announcing his new government guidelines saying that “Table Service” is a condition of being able to trade and failure to do so will attract penalties, we wanted to make sure everyone involved in the hospitality sector are prepared to take payments from their customers the same way.

Since 4th July we have been working to provide solutions for the hospitality industry from fully integrated “Order/Pay at Table Apps”, which was picked up by larger chains to good effect but was simply too expensive for the majority of smaller pubs, cafés and restaurants across the UK. In these businesses we’ve seen that having one or two more portable terminals has helped keep everyone safe, speeding up payments and table turnover, maximising opportunities which will be even more important with the news of 10pm closing times.

Having spoken with many in the hospitality sector we heard time and time again that no one wanted to be tied into long expensive contacts that’s why we have launched our low cost, short term terminal solution, that will work with your existing payments provider so you avoid any expensive hidden costs further down the line.

Jane Middleton the bar manager at Lincolnshire Village pub The Green Man, Scamblesby said “Having our portable terminals has been a huge relief, with reduced social distancing capacity we’ve had to work smarter to make sure we take every chance to increase takings while we are open, being able to take payments at the table does this for us”. June continued “We are a traditional community pub and may have been a bit behind others when it came to technology but I really don’t know what I did before we got them, I can’t see us ever going back to just taking cash”

For more information please call 01422 372818 or Email info@acceptcards.co.uk