With Black Friday just around the corner you need to be asking yourself the question “Are you prepared for the *HolidaySeason”?

Don’t worry if you’re not, because with our partners BigCommerce we can make sure you can be ready in time to take advantage of the 2021 holiday season
Did you know?

Mobile shopping is on the rise.

???? Last year, smartphones accounted for 43% of order share for BigCommerce merchants, with iPhones accounting for 106% more orders than Android.

???? This also means SMS is a must-have channel. Last year, Omnisend sent 378% more SMS messages than in 2019, with Q4 accounting for 68% of those sends.

Social commerce and Marketplaces are becoming increasingly important for merchants.

???? In the BigCommerce 2021 Consumer Spending Trends survey, they found that 54.8% of respondents said that they were using social media to discover new products. BigCommerce is supporting the growing omnichannel trend with new integrations launched over the last year, including Checkout on Facebook and Instagram and more.

*(Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day, January Sales)

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