Accepting Card transactions and improving your business credit rating? At first, they don’t seem like obvious bedfellows

Here at acceptcards we talk to 100’s of businesses every month about card payment solutions. We are always looking for ways to add value to the companies and partners we support.

We realised that for many businesses having a robust credit score can make all the difference. It can be a challenge if your business has been negatively impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. A poor credit rating can affect your ability to get funding, increase credit terms with suppliers and restrict your cashflow. We see this daily as acquirer’s appetite to risk changes with merchant services applications we process. There has also been a sharp rise in payment companies changing terms, insisting on security deposits and in some cases terminating contracts.

Once we had identified the problem, the next step was that we looked for a solution so we searched for a partner with the same values as us, a business we knew that would understand our customers’ needs and work in their best interests. These are the values we think makes acceptcards special.

We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with the UK’s only business credit repair service Lightbulb Credit. This partnership we believe will bring huge benefits to both of our customers.

James Piper MD at Lightbulb Credit commented, “We’re really excited about our new partnership with acceptcards as there’s great synergy between our two companies. We’re both market leaders in our field offering a unique service that provides straightforward and unbiased advice to our customers. By coming together, we hope to help many more UK businesses to grow and thrive in these challenging trading conditions.”

He continued “We chose to work with acceptcards as not only are our services complementary to each other, but we also have a shared business ethos focused on delivering added value to our customers. Both our services are designed to simplify complex financial processes and ultimately help the customer get the best deal possible.”

Richard Bradley acceptcards CEO spoke on some of the synergies working together will bring, “Most people would see a card payments broker and credit repair agency as not being a good fit with each other. We however, like to look at things differently which is the main benefit of being independent and having the ability to think outside the box, always keeping our focus on putting our customer at the centre of everything.

Richard went on to add “When we have good businesses come to us anxious because of the restrictions being placed on them or in some cases payment facilities withdrawn we knew that we were best placed to help solve this crisis and provide alternative options.

That’s why, like James, I’m excited to be able to talk about our link-up. “Lightbulb Credit has a similar ethos to us (acceptcards), they offer a no-obligation review of your businesses credit profile so they can provide a tailored solution.”

Main highlights of the service include:

Company Credit Review – FREE business credit rating report gives a snapshot of your position with the 5 main credit rating agencies. A valuable insight for understanding your credit profile and future potential.

Credit Repair – using your business credit report and key company info provided by you, we can improve your rating in as little as 3 days. We think our 100% success rate speaks for itself!

Credit Rating Monitoring – active monitoring service ensures you’re the first to know of any changes to your credit profile, enabling you to deal with potential issues before they have an impact.

CCJ Removal – removing a CCJ from your business credit profile can be difficult, we can speed up the process and restore your ratings and limits quickly, taking the stress out of the situation.