The payments industry is constantly changing and with a variety of ways you can be charged by the card processing companies.  This can be further complicated by the wide range of card terminals, Epos, website and software solutions to choose from.

By sourcing a solution that meets your individual businesses needs you can benefit from the flexibility of being able to switch provider or adding sector specific technology. Balancing this with ensuring you have the most competitive pricing will not only improve your bottom line but ensure you’re in control.

As a result, with payments being such an important part of your business, there are many good reasons why you should choose an independent broker who can cover the whole market to arrange and/or review your card payment solution. Here are my top 3:

Unlocked card machines

Ensure you’re offered an unlocked card machine, meaning it will work with all the card processors and not just one or two.  This will give you the flexibility to review your pricing and ability to switch to a new processor after their minimum contract period, which is typically 12-18 months. Most third-party sales companies will arrange the card machines on a separate and much longer contract, meaning that if the processors rates increase or you wish to move processor for other reasons, the card machine termination costs can be prohibitive. All card machines arranged by Acceptcards are unlocked giving you control and flexibility.

Choice of payment companies

Ensure the company you’re using will shop around ALL the merchant services providers to find and arrange the solution and pricing that’s right for your business. Our experts fully understand the applications processes for all the card payment solution providers and will support you throughout. Just as you’d expect from a truly independent broker!

Transparent pricing and savings

Ensure the company you’re using will take the time to fully explain the pricing and particularly the savings if you’re switching. They should be highlighting any card types being charged at a higher level than they need to be, whilst removing any unwarranted surcharges, such as excessive non-qualified fees.  Avoid the risks of being promised or shown savings that never materialise, which unsurprisingly is linked with sales companies that pay agents higher commission for long term contracts!  Here at Acceptcards our reward is providing outstanding service and an annual profit share scheme which everyone shares in equally.

How can Acceptcards help?

Expertise and knowledge

Our team of banking and finance professionals have an unrivalled knowledge in all areas of card acceptance from retail, mail order to website payments.  This combination of banking experience and payments knowledge means we can quickly understand your requirements and be truly objective in the solutions we recommend.

Lifetime support and advice

As your independent experts we are here to help you as your business grows and payment requirements change.  This is over and above the support and help desk service provided by the card processor and card machine supplier you’ll be contracted with. We’ll always be at the end of the phone for advice covering ongoing aspects of your card payments.


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