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Savings – Service – Peace of Mind
Mleczko Delicatsesy


Customer looking to contain/reduce business costs following both Brexit and the Covid 19 crisis – As FD, Michael Connole was tasked with helping steer the business during this time. Added challenge in that Mleczko Delikatsesy previously experienced disastrous service when switching merchant service provider to a 3rd party seller.

What we did

Reviewed the merchant processing rates/fees/charges across the business (13 outlets – 19 merchant accounts with 46 terminals) – firstly by approaching the existing incumbent, Barclaycard for revised terms and amended benchmark rates/price with a reduction in annual fees of circa £4k PA however the merchant was still attracting unnecessary fees and charges, despite this decrease in headline rates.

Thereafter we approached alternative partner Acquiring Banks for options – This client is considered low risk with payment mainly face to face across multiple outlets with a low average transaction value and as such is an attractive merchant for UK Acquirers. By opening up the market and sourcing alternative solutions, we were able to secure terms from 2 providers with projected annual savings in excess of £21k compared to the clients Barclaycard rates.

As the client was nervous about the process we arranged an agreement from both the Acquirer and one of their existing merchants in the same sector who has switched providers to a call to share their experiences with Mleczko Delikatsesy.


Whilst Mleczko Delikatsesy could see the obvious financial benefits of switching providers to the recommended solution, they valued the service enjoyed via Barclaycard since returning to them following the previous debacle, the business owner was nervous about the way they had been failed in the past.
Our recommended solution provided the basis for a new and revised benchmark from which Mleczko Delikatesy could renegotiate further with Barclaycard. As a result, Barclaycard agreed to a further significant reduction in processing rates and have offered improved terms with a projected annual reduction in fees of circa £18k+, retained in full by the family business.

Comment from Michael Connole – FD/CEO London North

“I know when I refer one of my clients to acceptcards® they are in safe hands. They take the time to do a thorough root and branch review of the customer’s current set-up, as well as ascertaining what it is the client wants to achieve for the future.

Because they have in-depth knowledge of the payments markets and they work with all the UK payment providers they are best placed to find a solution that works best for our FD/CFO Centre clients. They put the customer needs front and centre, something evident from the patient process Richard West carried out for me when reviewing Mleczko Delikatsesy. Without his hard work and expertise, I know my client wouldn’t have secured the savings they have and more importantly they have the peace of mind which means so much to them”.