☎  Businesses contact us almost daily because their card payment rates have risen.

πŸ” We urge all businesses to check what they are being charged as not everyone realises until they ask us to look at things for them.

🐟 A perfect example of this is how we recently worked with Chris Yiallourou, owner of the Netherstowe Fish Bar in Lichfield.

🚨 Chris had been told by his payment provider that they were increasing their costs, something he knew would have a negative impact on his business so he turned to us for help.

πŸ’³ As the UK’s largest independent payments brokerage, we pride ourselves on being able to help businesses find the right solution so quickly got to work reviewing how Chris takes card payments and what is important to his family business.

πŸ’· Everything was straightforward forward with all his customer transactions being face to face so after going to the market for the most up-to-date rates we were able to provide options that reduced his costs by Β£900 p/a.

βœ… If you take card payments and would like a FREE review of your payment facility hit the Contact Us button, and we will be happy to help.

✍ Who knows it may be you to write our next 5⭐review, just like Chris didπŸ™Œ