The past 12 months have seen the UK employment markets change dramatically with unemployment the highest it’s been in recent times and this may change further when the government support for furloughed staff is planned to be withdrawn later this year.

We’ve all seen how the hopes and aspirations of young people have been dealt a heavy blow, with conditions not seen since the late 1980s early 1990s, this is why we are proud to take part in UK Governments revised Kickstart Scheme as part of their strategy to help the British economy bounce back from the ravages of Covid-19.

Working with LSS Group our Kickstart Gateway advisors and the DWP they have been able to take away the administration of the application process, enabling us to concentrate on our core business. The LSS Group work on our behalf with our local authority to select the perfect candidates of 16-24yr olds who are registered for universal credit for us to then shortlist to bring in for an interview.

From the interviews arranged Katie was our standout candidate, she had skills and the right demeanour and aptitude that would complement our team. We discussed her aspirations, thoughts and ideas that we could develop together. I’ll not forget the joy in Katie’s voice when I called to tell her she’d been successful, and we’d love to offer her the post with us to join as Marketing Assistant to support the marketing function here at acceptcards®. I was transported back to feelings of elation and relief of securing my first role in employment nearly 30 years ago. It was that opportunity where I learnt due to the mentoring and guidance of my colleagues as they imparted pearls of wisdom, some I still use today, it was a good grounding that has looked after me well.

It’s been great to see Katie settle in, getting to grips with a new routine, new people, new processes and all that this new world brings. I think we can all sometimes forget how daunting being the new person can be, especially when it’s your first role out of university and especially when joining a successful organisation that’s been going for 16 yrs. We’ve been working on lots of great plans and putting in foundations for Katie and me to build on, I’m looking forward to seeing these seeds we are planting come to life over the coming weeks and months.

I have nothing but positives from getting involved with the Kickstart Scheme and I’m urging our partners and customers to do the same, take this time to look at your business and if you see opportunities in your strategies to bring in a young person to provide them with a chance of employment that will enhance both you as an employer and the young person gain real-life work experience it is a win, win that benefits the whole community.

For more information about how the Government Scheme works head to their website or contact Frank on 0333 444 0630 and he will be happy to support you to make a difference in your local neighbourhood.