We are back in our COVID compliant offices for the first time since March, and as much as we all adapted exceptionally well, delivering the same level of customer service working from home, it’s great to be back together supporting our partners & customers from our Head Office.

Having established ourselves as the leading, if not only, truly independent business in the UK offering advice and setting up card payment solutions from all the providers, we have thrived in having a dynamic and creative office culture where we support each other with ideas and sharing best practices.  Operating within an ever-changing payments world, the ability to share knowledge instantly and arrange solutions that fit each customer is what makes us unique and valued by our partners and customers.

Being a people person, this has been one of the biggest things I’ve missed, and as proud as I am of the teams’ resilience and what we have achieved since March, the dynamic energy of collectively being together is something that you can’t replicate on the phone, over emails or via Zoom meetings.

We have not rushed to coming back and at every step, we’ve made sure the team are comfortable and confident with all the COVID safety measures we now have in place.  We all know these our first steps of our new normal, and although we look forward to being out visiting partners and customers again, we will also be able to reduce our energy footprint by replacing many of our meetings with a video call!

We will also be re-arranging the event we had planned for earlier in the summer to celebrate our 15th anniversary.

It’s good to be back.