We are excited to announce we have a 3rd consecutive year of achieving our FSQS certification. In the world of card payment solutions this really makes us stand out as a partner that leading financial organisations want to work with to access our independent service for arranging merchant services for business customers of all sizes and types.

What is FSQS?

The Hellios Financial Supplier Qualification System (FSQS) is a common register of standardised, validated, structured and comprehensive vendor/third party information. FSQS helps introduce responsible business practices through due diligence and is an accreditation tool used by leading financial organisations such as Lloyds Banking Group, Metro Bank, Santander, AIB, TSB, VirginMoney, Bank of Ireland, Schroders, RSA, and the Bank of England. Accreditation requires suppliers to be audited against FSQS requirements in the areas of: Business continuity, Financial, Insurance, Health & Safety, IT and information Security, Anti-Bribery, Recruitment, Operational Risks, Fraud, Responsible Business Governance and records Management, Environmental and Sustainability which are all key elements to demonstrate our robust GDPR Compliance. acceptcards® FSQS Certificate can be viewed here.

Why did and do we continue to do this?

As financial regulations become increasingly more complex, it’s vital that businesses within this sector are able to implement a consistent and standardised approach to the selection and onboarding of new suppliers. The FSQS accreditation is valued by some of the largest purchasers in the financial industry, including the Bank of England. Our qualification within this system gives acceptcards® existing partners an enhanced level of reassurance whilst also opening the door for us to work with other leading financial services organisations. Our addition to the Hellios FSQS register demonstrates our commitment to excellence in all areas of compliance, as well as providing further proof that acceptcards® is a trusted name in the financial sector.

Our customers can be safe in the knowledge that we adhere to all compliance, risk and regulatory management processes required by the leading financial institutions in the UK.

Richard Bradley, CEO, said

“Continuing our accreditation with FSQS is a great achievement for acceptcards® and one that makes us really stand out in a sector where all too often we come across sales practices that are not in the best interests of business owners.  When an organisation is looking to either set up or review an existing merchant services facility it’s vital that they have a choice of options for card payment solutions across all the payment providers, with transparency on pricing and certainty of the advised savings and benefits.  The FSQS certification continues to enable us to expand further in the financial services industry, with existing and new trusted partners, through our ability to deliver reassurance on our commitment to compliance and responsible business practice.”

If you would like to discuss a partnership with acceptcards® please contact us.