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We found the service to be exactly what we were looking for, for a long time. Simple and straightforward. The only other service provider that we ever tried was izettle however, the service required the client to have a smartphone and simply wasn't user friendly so we never went any further until we found you through the FMB. The rates are in line with other providers and we feel they are fair for the service provided. However it is definitely the user friendly way it works that stands alone and apart from the others. acceptcards staff made the initial set up as easy as easy could be. The benefit it now provides us with is that it sets us apart from other small / medium sized builders who do not accept card payments. Many clients have asked in the past to have urgent work carried out but although their work was urgent (ie leaking roof) they did not have the immediate funds to pay for the work, thus forcing us to allow them 28 days to pay or lose the job to someone else. The fact that we now can accept cards frees up money that we would otherwise be waiting a month to receive as payments pretty much hit our account instantaneously (well, within a day or two at most). We have also recently promoted the fact that we now accept credit cards and believe it is only a matter of time before the service you provide to us will be used more regularly, especially come winter when "urgent" work is more likely. I was very impressed with the ease of setting the service up and as an "old-timer" who is not particularly at ease with computing I was even more impressed in how simple it is to use. It think it goes without saying I would have no hesitation at all in recommending acceptcards service to all....

G.Hurst, Ashton Roofing