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There are 4 main types of terminal available:

  • Chip & PIN with the latest Countertop machines (through land line or IP/broadband connection)
  • Bluetooth/Wireless when the machine needs to be operated in several locations
  • Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) with card machines or Virtual Terminal (multiple use via any PC)
  • Mobile GSM/GPRS terminals for secure Chip & PIN payments on the move or at the point of delivery
Countertop Terminal


Requires a phone line and power point. Can be used on an IP line. Usually used in a retail or mail order environment where payments only need to be accepted in one location. Monthly rentals of Countertop card machines tend to be less than for either Portable or Mobile.

Bluetooth Terminals


Can be used within approximately 100m of the Base Unit, which requires a fixed telephone line and power point. Uses either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Usually in a hotel or restaurant environment where payments need to be accepted in several places within, or just outside, the business premises. For multiple terminals, where speed of authorisation is an issue an IP line may be used.

Mobile and GPRS Terminals


Can be used anywhere the relevant mobile phone signal can be obtained and works in a similar way to a standard mobile phone. Ideal for businesses who need to accept card payments in various locations away from their business premises, such as at shows/exhibitions, taxi drivers, plumbers etc. It can also be used where a business does not wish to install a new, separate telephone line for the card machine at their premises, thus saving the cost of install and ongoing line rental.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual Terminal

Card transaction details are keyed into a fully secure, website based system by the merchant via their PC or laptop. Ideal for a mail or telephone order business who do not wish to use a separate card machine. Multi users can be authorised and can use the system at the same time. As there is no physical card machine required, rentals tend to be cheaper than for the static terminal.

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